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Who We Are

We are a 501c3, designed to assist student athletes and college graduates in mental health, wellness and career path through high end athletic competition. Our annual college softball summer league is brought to you by our community partners, with a focus on building leadership qualities and excellence to last a lifetime. 

"This summer league really helped us remember our why, have fun and let loose. My biggest takeaway this whole time is having fun and getting back to the player I know I can be" - Anonymous Player, The League 2023

The History

The summer league began in the summer of 2021, during the height of the pandemic, with the request of assisting collegiate student athletes to build their mental health, through the sport they play. The League was born. 

As a former collegiate baseball player, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who loved the sport of softball and was willing to do the little things in her training regimen in order to have the opportunity to play collegiate and international softball.

Having observed many, many other collegiate softball student athletes, one thing is clear. The female student athlete deserves

a unique program that can assist them in mental health, wellness and career path. 

The psyche of the female student athlete is unlike

I have ever seen. They are physically strong. Committed to excellence. Dedicated for a purpose.  As the CEO of Game Ready Enterprises, I have dedicated my life today in assisting today, tomorrow’s collegiate athletes and graduates, with a program that provides benefits for the athletes and our partners.



Louis C Simon

Game Ready Enterprises


Our Mission

Is to serve our community and beyond our borders through services on and off the competitive field with a support system that builds mental strength, physical skills with a successful career path 

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Our Vision

To make a positive impact with today's student athlete by strengthening mental health, increasing career opportunities for females through athletics and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

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